About us

SINCE 2010

WearWolf is a quality fashion brand with an emphasis on exquisite and unique design. Clothing that merges the designer’s skill with the unique style of the wearer to create remarkable bespoke tailored apparel.

The designer and founder of the brand started with subcultural references and transposed them into a combination of high and alternative fashion.

WearWolf meshes edgy style with pure elegance, all in black and luxury materials. The brand targets not only wild youth and rebels but also people who have developed their personal style and understand glamour and new directions in fashion design. WearWolf is universal. For some, our clothing is simply a must have in everyday life, and for others an opportunity to express their individuality and glamour in styles referencing grunge, ghetto goth, punk, rockabilly… Overcome the limits and be who you truly are.

WearWolf has two full collections. One entirely in lamb’s leather, mostly focused on leather jackets and several trousers and dresses. The second collection predominantly consists of couture dresses. The creations are in georgette fabric, yet they can be made in other fabrics on request. (We work exclusively in black). On first sight the designs seem extremely minimalistic; however the cuts and geometry make the collection extraordinary, somewhat eccentric and strikingly conceived. And though our evening dresses are versatile we also have some casual creations.