This brand arose as a need; on the (global) market, it is very difficult to find high quality fitted leather jackets of specific cut. Everything started when the designer made a fitted leather biker jacket for herself. After that, many people requested their own and out of the demand the brand was created. We make leather jackets that make you feel sexy and flatter your figure. For that reason we do not sell off the peg items. Our products are made to the customer’s personal measurements. Since  every product is unique, we can meet the demands of our clients regarding combinations of different models or adding different kinds of hardware.

Price range is from 600 eur up to 1000 eur for leather and from 200 eur and up for dresses (depending on the material).

Prices for wedding dresses starts at 1500eur


Measurments you need to deliver:

Jacket measurments:

shoulders, breasts, waist, hips, jacket length, sleeves length, sleeves on the widest and narrowest part


hips, rise, thighs at the widest and narrowest part, total length


shoulders, breasts, waist, hips, total length of the dress …..